Pallet Rack, Metal Shelving & Warehouse Equipment
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Auction Details

Auction Type

Timed Auction (Online Only)

Date & Time

21st November 2023, Tuesday@ 10:00 AM EST


13th November to 20th November 2023, By appointment only.

Equipment Location

Conyers GA 30012

Featured Items

   Forklifts, Pallet Jacks and Equipment

  • Used Crown Electric Pallet Jack
  • 3 Pcs Used 27”W x 48”L Regular Pallet Jack
  • 3 Pcs New 21”W x 48”L Narrow Pallet Jack
  • 3 Pcs New Electric (Hybrid) Pallet Jack
  • 2019 Mitutoyo Crysta Plus M443 Series Coordinate Measuring Machine with Computer


     Pallet Racks Systems / Warehouse Racks  

  • 85 Bays of 16’H x 34”D x 96”L Teardrop Style Pallet Racks
  • 70 Bays of 10.5’H x 42”D x 102”L Structural Style Pallet Racks
  • 55 Bays of 10.5’H x 42”D x 93”L Structural Style Pallet Racks
  • 70 Bays of 16’H x 48”D x 108”L Keystone Style Pallet Racks
  • 91 Bays of 12’H x 42”D x 102”L Teardrop Style Pallet Racks
  • 60 Bays of 10’H x 36”D x 90”L Teardrop Style Pallet Racks
  • 81 Bays of 8’H x 30”D x 96”L Teardrop Style Pallet Racks
  • 60 Bays of 8’H x 36”D x 96”L Keystone Style Pallet Racks
  • 91 Bays of 8’H x 30”D x 108”L Teardrop Style Pallet Racks
  • 210 Pcs of Used Structural Upright 30’H x 36”D, C3, Blue
  • 210 Pcs New Keystone Upright 16’H x 42”D, 3x3, Grey
  • 210 Pcs Used Keystone Upright 16’H x 48”D, 3x1-5/8 Gray
  • 90 Pcs New Teardrop Upright 10’H x 36”D, 3x3, Green
  • 210 Pcs Used Teardrop Upright 12’H x 42”D, 3x3 Vista Green
  • 105 Pcs New Keystone Upright 12’H x 36”D, 3x3 Gray
  • 720 Pcs 112”L x C4 Used Structural Beam, Yellow
  • 540 Pcs 144”L x 5”W Used Keystone Beam, Yellow
  • 420 Pcs 108”L x 4”W Used Keystone Beam, Grey
  • 540 Pcs 96”L x 4”W Used Teardrop Beam, Orange
  • 420 Pcs 108” Lx 3.5” New Keystone Beam, Grey
  • 480 Pcs Used Standard Wiredeck 36”D x 52”W
  • 480 Pcs New Flared Wiredeck 36”D x 46”W
  • 600 Pcs New Flared Wiredeck 42”D x 46”W


Shelving Systems, Warehouse Post Protector & Column Protector

  • 340 Sections of 18"D X 36"W X 111"H Hallowell H-Post Closed Steel Shelving
  • 30 Sections of 54”H X 48”W X 18”D Gondola Shelving


Material Handling / Warehouse Equipment and Office Equipment

  • 5 Pcs Flammable Safety Storage Cabinet
  • 662 Lbs Cap Single Scissors Hydraulic Lifting Table
  • 5 Pcs Self Dumping Hopper
  • 700 Pcs Used Plastic Storage Stacking/Hanging

LOT REMOVAL/ RIGGING:We provide our own rigging service to all our auction buyer. No outside riggers allowed. We also provide shipping to your dock door (if required) at buyers cost. Pallet Rack & mezzanine are subjected for Rigging on the flatbed Truck, Box truck and Container will be charged 5% minimum rigging fees on total amount (including buyers premium) of the invoice will be charged to load the purchased lots. Buyer will need to arrange Flatbed truck to load over sized goods. Otherwise additional charges (upto 10%) will be applied to load in box truck or overseas container for over sized pallet items. 

Some lots may have fixed rigging fees, check lot description for more details.

Removal: All lots must be removed/picked by Friday, 15th December 2023.

No Exceptions!!!!

Sales Tax

SALES TAX: 7.00% There is NO exemption allowed for interstate commerce or shipping out of the state of Georgia. In the state of Georgia, they consider a 3rd party a representative of the buyer, therefore, taking possession in Georgia. We will charge Sales tax until we are supplied with a US resale or manufacturing certificate Sales Tax Certificates. We need this

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